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To obtain a copy of your W-2 for 2013 and prior years, please log in or register above.

To obtain your W-2 for 2014 and later years, please go to the following link:

If you ceased employment with Clear Channel/iHeartMedia during the year 2014, please log in at the website below to obtain your 2014 W-2.

If you need further assistance or If you have questions, please contact the Payroll Tax Help Desk (

Please note – as of 1/9/2014, any consents given through the electronic W-2 agreement page will only be to access a 2013 or older W-2.To opt out of receiving a paper copy of your W-2 (and do electronic only) for 2014 and forward, please go to and select “Receive electronic copy of my W-2/W-2C”(go to “All About Me”, then “Pay”, then “My Tax Documents”).
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